Current Project – Penticton Indian Band students at the Outma Sqilix’w Cultural School
The Imagine Change Project is collaborating with Penticton Indian Band students at the Outma Sqilix’w Cultural School to teach the students about photography. The primary goal is to enable the students to create visual stories and to offer a platform of expression for youth to explore their community. The objective is to develop a dialogue for change that is youth driven. From October into December 2016 the students learnt the fundamentals of photography and were set free with their own cameras to take photographs. The student’s work was displayed in the community though large format billboard installations, adhesives and a community photography exhibit at the Penticton Museum and Library. Fujifilm has loaned the program cameras for the students to work with and the results have been exciting. The students have kept 2 cameras to continue their photography work over the school year, we look forward to catching up with them in May 2017 to view their progress.

Strathcona – community photo project
We worked with the Strathcona community centre’s afterschool program for inner city youth in Vancouver’s lower east side. The 4 month project consisted of:
•    Weekly class – teaching the fundamentals of photography, giving kids the equipment to explore their community
•    Large format installations in the community – we printed large format images of the some participating youth and installed them around the community
•    Gallery exhibition – working with Chapel Arts gallery we exhibited the work of the kids in a 2 week public gallery show
•    Website – we posted all images to a gallery site so the kids could keep images online as well as their printed gallery work
The project was well received by the community and the large format installations succeeded in raising interest in the students and youth of the community. The students that participated enjoyed their experience and seeing their work presented to the city; we hope it will have a lasting impact on the students and community.

Cuba – community and swimming project
Working with a community run pool we helped kids document their environment and the activities that they engage in. The project consisted of:
•    2 weeks of community involvement in activities
•    Basic fundamentals of photography for the youth interested in learning
•    Hands on experience with photo equipment
•    Print images and save all to discs for the kids and community to use